Its really astonishing how much actual trash ends up tucked away, in corners and crevices. A broken hair dryer that should have been thrown away– its not like I’m ever going to repair it. A second vacuum that still works but only barely, and we end up dragging the other vacuum upstairs anyway.

There’s also the clothes, the ones that are comfortable but a touch threadbare. The older I get, the more I realize that things that weren’t trash years ago are trash now. They don’t have value or they’re damaged. Its my pack rat tendencies. Its hard to let go sometimes, to reorder yourself to recognize what is trash, what is your treasure, and what has the potential to be someone else’s treasure.

I don’t feel like we’re ever really well equipped to determine what’s trash and what’s not. I know it wasn’t on my home ec curriculum list, and if you’re raised in a certain level of simplicity, there’s not necessarily a lot of trash. Its an interesting conundrum, and a good mental exercise.


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