(I’m skipping a few days here– donating and selling are fairly straightforward, and if you’re unfamiliar with the Catholic concept of charity and donating objects, there are many explanations out there that would exceed mine.)

So it seems that one of the hallmarks of the modern minimalist the embrace of all things digital. Photos? Digitize them! Documents? Scan them! Music, movie? Why buy when you can stream or just have digital copies!

I have one issue with this: I am a technological black hole. Technology doesn’t like me, and I’m not terribly fond of it. For real, things blow out near me, and not infrequently. I can’t relinquish the physical objects for certain things– documents, DVDs, CDs, books– because if I did, I would lose them altogether after a period of time. If I know that they’re fleeting like that, why bother to keep them in the first place?

Well, because they have value or necessity. I am struggling with the minimalist push to have these things out of sight and mind, safely tucked in a cloud. I am also struggling with the minimalist push to only have things with calculable value. Value is more than “I paid $X.” but that’s what it comes across as in these blogs and books that I’m reading. I won’t be taking the digital route, and that doesn’t make things less simple, or more cluttered. It is, honestly, a recognition that tools and storage systems are not one size fits all. And that’s ok.


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