(We’re skipping day 15 because, well, who’s going to discuss the particulars of their financial situation in public? I mean really. Suffice to say, like most of my cohort, student loans dog my every move, and avocado toast is not my problem. Truthfully, I long for the days when avocados can be a regular part of my shopping list.)

Day 16 is Television.

Apparently the average American watches 8 hours of TV a day. F’real? On the average day, I have 2 to 2 and a half hours of free time, free time being defined as time not spent driving, at work, eating, preparing food to eat, or sleeping.

Seriously, where on earth does that time come from?!?!

So the suggestions are around getting rid of TV or internet or cable or whathaveyou. This is one of those areas I just do not jive with the average American. In all honesty that makes the task of simplified living so much harder. I can’t not eat. I can’t abdicate responsibility for my child, or myself, or my home. In the handful of hours left, I have a small window to do things I enjoy, or things that are good for me– reading in the former category, prayer in the latter, as an example. But when you have too much going on and its truly uncuttable, what then?

Would that my life were simplified simply by eliminating the TV. I did notice that I was filling odd 5 minute blocks of time with mindless scrolling and internet browsing, and I’ve tried to be more mindful of that, which is a challenge in its own right. Its related, but its not the same challenge. I don’t gain a whole working day when I cut that time– I gain 5 minute increments, generally in the office where I can’t do a whole lot else. Its finding what can be done in such small, limited blocks that is the challenge.



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