Hey, it never hurts to start with the Muppets 🙂

You remember when you were 15 or 16 and you wanted a car SO BAD? A car meant freedom, meant being able to go places and do things, not depending on anyone for a ride hither and thither.

Fast forward a few years, and what a pain in the butt.

Day 17 is the CAR.

Fortunately for me, I don’t have a car payment any more, and you couldn’t pay me to upgrade unnecessarily. The annoying thing is that, for a one glorious semester, I was able to go places and do things car free, no worries. I studied abroad in Rome, and that city is walkable as all get out. And where it isn’t walkeable there’s a subway or a train system.

Sadly I no longer live in Rome; I’m back in America where the rivers of asphalt extend all over the place and you can’t get around outside of NYC or Chicago without a car. When I started to audit my day, to figure out where the time went, I found that the car gobbled up a decent chunk. It is necessary, sadly, given where we live and the absolute dearth of public transit. I’m not going to swap it out because I already own this thing, so that’s one good thing.

So now I really need to declutter the car. Its astonishing how much of a trap the thing is! I also don’t really know how to make the car a better environment for thoughtfulness and prayer, two things that really should be part of driving. If you have any thoughts, throw them at me!


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